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The Add On HeadRest features improved driving comfort and car seat safety
Physician Recommended
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HeadRest For Whiplash Protection

The only auto cushion capable of reducing whiplash injury resulting from a car accident. Ergonomically designed, it encourages a relaxed sitting posture reducing neck pain, low back pain, tension and fatigue. Works with and attaches to your cars headrest or high back car seat.

Driving doesn't have to be a pain in the neck!
Add On Headrest Features
Orthopedic-grade, high energy absorbing foam cushioning for protection and soothing, comfortable support.
Proven in independent crash tests, the Add On HeadRest is effective for reducing the severity and duration of whiplash injuries in the event of an auto accident.
Heavy-duty, adjustable elastic strap attaches easily to high back seats and adjustable head restraints.
Unique wedge shape ergonomic design fills the space between the car seat and the driver's head, neck and upper back.
Easy to install & automotive fabric cover is removable, washable, stain and fade resistant.
U.S. Patent No. D399,080.

Superior protection and car seat safety:
Independent crash tests demonstrate the Add On HeadRest's effectiveness for reducing the severity and duration of whiplash injury in the event of a car accident.

"The Add On HeadRest successfully remedies the problem of too much backset, and thus will undoubtedly protect its user against cervical spine injury following rear impact collision, the most common collision type in which injury occurs. I congratulate you on designing a product that will result in a significant improvement in public safety."
- Dr. Michael D. Freeman Ph.D., D.C., M.P.H. Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Portland, OR

Improved head restraint design:
" ... a significant improvement over factory head restraints in the effort to reduce the injuries associated with the whiplash event."
- Dr. Daniel J. Murphy DC, Auburn, CA

I got smashed from behind - over $4,000.00 damage to the back end of my Ford Taurus. Injury wasn't even an issue. Thanks for saving my neck."
- Neil Miller, Charlotte, NC

Designed for comfort:
Ergonomically designed, the wedge shaped auto cushion follows the natural curve of your cervical spine. Providing full support, it encourages a relaxed neutral posture reducing tension and fatigue of the neck and lower back muscles. This helps relieve neck pain and low back pain making driving more comfortable especially on long trips.

It is a pleasure for me to recommend the Add On HeadRest. I use it in my own car and find it to be a very comfortable addition. As a physician I am increasingly aware of the importance of spine support and this headrest appears to remedy the problem and not just in association with whiplash injuries."
- Dr. Gary R. Schafer, M.D., Forest City, NC

Recommended by physicians:
Many people refer to the head restraint as a headrest - a comfort feature, however, head restraints/headrests are installed in vehicles as a safety feature like seat belts. Good head restraints reduce the rearward motion of the head in a rear end crash and decrease the chances of sustaining a whiplash neck injury. In fact, you're more likely to need the protection of a good head restraint than the other safety devices in your vehicle because rear end crashes are so common.

Findings show that head restraints positioned at or above the heads center of gravity can reduce reported neck pain after a whiplash neck injury. Drivers with such restraints reported 40% fewer instances of neck pain than those with poorly positioned restraints.

Having a poorly adjusted head restraint or one that cannot be adjusted properly to the height of your head in your vehicle is a major risk factor for increasing the severity of whiplash neck injury during a rear end collision. Take the time to adjust your head restraint if you have a good one, or use the Add On HeadRest if you do not. This may prevent a lifetime of disability.
- Dr. Stephen Ornstein, DC, Philadelphia, PA

The problem:
Most car seats leave a gap between you and your head restraint. That doesn't provide any support for your upper back, shoulders, or neck. Less than three percent of cars have a "good" head restraint leaving you at risk to whiplash.

"If you're familiar with backpain you know that sitting can cause great discomfort. It increases the load on the lower spine (40 percent more weight is placed on the spine when sitting) and causes our upper body to shift forward. This exerts added tension on our lower back and postural muscles, doubling the amount of tension for every inch we move forward.

The Add On HeadRest allows you to assume a more relaxed, neutral posture that takes the load off the postural muscles decreasing fatigue and increasing your comfort while driving."
- Dr. Thomas B. Skraitz, DC, New York, NY

The solution:
The Add On HeadRest's unique wedge shape fills the gap between you and your car seat. Ergonomically designed, the orthopedic grade cushion gives you full support and relaxes sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and lower back helping to reduce fatigue and tension while you drive.

Add On HeadRest

A study published 2010 Mar 7, in the European Spine Journal. The association between a lifetime history of a neck injury in a motor vehicle collision and future neck pain: a population-based cohort study. It was found that "... a history of neck injury in a motor vehicle collision is a risk factor for developing future troublesome neck pain. The consequences of a neck injury in a motor vehicle collision can have long lasting effects and predispose individuals to experience recurrent episodes of neck pain."

Recently, it has been indicated in Traffic Injury Prevention Journal. 2011 Apr;12(2):180-6, that most subjects had average head restraint distances that exceed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard guidelines, indicating that most drivers may be at risk for whiplash disorders if exposed to a rear impact while driving.

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