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  • Effective Neck & Back Pain Relief
  • Reduce Driving Tension & Fatigue
  • Improved Whiplash Injury Protection
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The Add On HeadRest, an auto accessory for improved comfort and car seat safety
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HeadRest For Whiplash Protection

The Add On Headrest is a revolutionary, scientifically designed, neck support cushion for car seats. New to the auto accessories after market, it is the only combination headrest and back support cushion available. Recommended by prominent physicians it has been available through medical distributors for the past eight years. This orthopedic cushion offers firm support and promotes a relaxed posture improving comfort as well as car seat safety. Proven in independent crash tests, it helps reduce the severity and duration of whiplash injury in the event of a car accident.

Provides full upper back support to relieve tension and fatigue while driving.
Proven in independent crash tests to reduce the severity and duration of whiplash.
Fits most cars, vans and light trucks with adjustable head restraints or high back seats.

Black Leather Add On HeadRest
Black Leather Add On HeadRest
Ergonomically designed, wedge-shaped cushioning delivers both comfort and safety.

Orthopedic grade, energy absorbing, polyurethane foam cushioning.
- Aligns the upper back, neck and head to preserve your spines natural curve.
- Provides soothing support and relaxes aching back, neck and shoulder muscles.
- Relieves pain, tension and fatigue while driving.
- Quality polyurethane for energy absorption and comfort.
- Improves car seat safety by reducing the severity of whiplash injury in an accident.

Heavy duty elastic adjustable strap.
- Installs easily and fits most car seats in cars, vans and light trucks.
- Extends and holds the headrest securely in place.

High quality automotive polyester fabric cover.
- Removable, washable and stain and fade resistant.

High quality leather cover option.
- Removable, washable and durable, fine quality soft leather.

- Doubles as a lumbar (low back) support or can be used on some lawn chairs or rocking chairs for added comfort.

Recommended by physicians for added safety and back pain relief.
- Independent crash tests documented significant decreases of the damaging forces responsible for whiplash injury.
- Provides full support to help speed the recovery of neck and back injuries.

Black Leather - Click To Enlarge
Black Leather

Black Leather - Click To Enlarge
Black Leather

Tan Leather - Click To Enlarge
Tan Leather

Gray Cloth - Click To Enlarge
Gray Cloth

Tan Cloth - Click To Enlarge
Tan Cloth

Tan Cloth - Click To Enlarge
Tan Cloth

Black Cloth - Click To Enlarge
Black Cloth

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Black Cloth

The Add On Headrest measures about 9.5" x 11" x 3" and weighs approximately 8 oz.

The Add On Head Rest is available in 3 oz soft temper leather! Our leather is the finest upholstery material you can find. It is a perfect fit to match quality interiors. The strongest upholstery material known to man will withstand the rigors of driving, including children, spills, and pets. Although the principal outlay of quality leather may be more than fabric upholstery, leather is actually your best deal over time. Leather Available in Colors: Black & Tan

Please note: All of our head rests are hand made - please allow additional time for delivery on leather covering. We try to keep sufficient stock, however, due to high demand, additional time may be required.

Very few cars, vans and trucks have effective head restraints. Our Add On Headrest attaches directly to your car seat to fill the gap between your head, neck and the head restraint of your seat to provide full upper body support. The energy absorbing polyurethane foam cushion design has been proven in crash tests to reduce the severity and duration of whiplash injuries. The ergonomic design provides maximum support and soothes and relaxes tense muscles in your neck, shoulders and lower back as you drive, relieving pain, tension and fatigue.

The Add On HeadRest Comfort Model:

The Add On HeadRest is also available in a comfort version. The Comfort model is filled with soft Dacron fiber and is very comfortable. This model is not intended for whiplash protection and has not been crash tested!

The Comfort Add On HeadRest adds a surprising level of driving and passenger comfort. The head portion softly cradles the head as the neck portion pushes out to provide soothing neck support.

Gray Comfort - Click To Enlarge
Gray Comfort

Black Comfort - Click To Enlarge
Black Comfort

Tan Comfort - Click To Enlarge
Tan Comfort

The Add On HeadRest Comfort is filled with soft, yet supportive dacron fiber and it does compress unlike the original model. While this does not afford the whiplash protection, it is intended as an added measure of comfort to your existing head rest. It is the same high quality fabric used in the Original Add On HeadRest. If you have good headrests or are not concerned about whiplash, this is a great addition to your headrest to improve driving posture and reduce muscle fatigue.

The newer cars have better headrests, however, many individuals complain that it pushes the too far forward. While not designed for this purpose, many people have used the comfort model to help fill in the gap between the headrest and the neck. The Comfort Model is approximately 9.5" by 11" by 4-5"

Recommended by leading medical authorities on whiplash and back/neck pain!

Add On HeadRest

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