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Back pain and neck pain relief

New orthopedic back support cushion for cars improves your driving comfort and safety.

Back pain and neck pain affects an additional two million people each year. Back pain is usually a chronic problem and is estimated that over two billion people will suffer from low back pain, worldwide, within the next decade. Back pain is the second leading cause for absences from work. Many of the most effective ways we can prevent neck pain and backaches involve only things we can do for ourselves.

Sitting greatly increases pressure on your low back

Sitting, enormously increases the load on the lower spine. Scientific data shows that 40 percent more weight is placed on the spine when you are sitting as opposed to standing. One of the hardest things to do for someone who has backaches is to sit unsupported for any length of time. It causes so much stress on the back that it tends to slow the recovery process of back and neck injuries (spinal injuries).

You can reduce this pressure by resting the weight of the upper body against a back support. According to the American Medical Association, the back support should be high enough and would probably be more comfortable if it were slanted back slightly. All too often chairs and car seats are designed more for looks than for their effect on the body.

"If you are familiar with back pain you know that sitting can cause great discomfort. This is because sitting increases the load on the lower spine and causes our upper body to shift forward. This exerts additional tension on our postural muscles, doubling the amount of tension for every inch we move forward. The Add On Head Rest allows you to assume a more neutral posture that'll take the load off some of the postural muscles and decrease your fatigue and increase your comfort while driving."
Dr. Thomas Skraitz, DC
Neck and Back Pain Relief & Reduced Tension

Supporting the upper body reduces tension and strain on the low back and postural muscles making driving and sitting more comfortable.

Treatment of low back pain - bed rest, exercise, or ordinary activity?

Controversy continues over the various treatments for low back pain, neck pain, and, in general, spinal pain management. Determining the cause of the problem through x-rays, MRI's, and other imaging techniques are not as accurate as one would expect or have us believe. These techniques are useful in determining slipped or herniated discs as well as other serious injuries, but what happens when nothing shows up? It still hurts, regardless of the results or what the doctor may say.

Studies indicate that sometimes the best medicine is to continue with your regular routine. Bed rest and back extension exercises are often prescribed for patients with acute low back pain, but may not be as effective as getting back to a regular routine as pain permits.

Whiplash injury and chronic neck pain

The New England Journal of Medicine -- April 14, 1994 -- Volume 330, Number 15
"We should encourage the patient to remain functional in spite of pain and other symptoms. Although analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs may be helpful during the acute phase of the injury, the use of a collar for a period of more than a few days should be discouraged in favor of early mobilization of the neck. An increase in pain during or after exercise should not be equated with a worsening of the injury."

Getting comfortable

Chairs rarely provide full support to the low back and neck and unless we make a conscious effort to sit with good posture, eventually our muscles tire and we begin to bow our heads forward and develop excess stress and tension on our back muscles.

People recovering from neck injuries usually find it uncomfortable and even painful to drive or ride in a car. The irregularity and bumps of the road tend to jiggle the neck causing pain. Cervical collars may be worn initially but only for a short period. Immobility slows the recovery process and makes one dependent upon such devices.

The Add On Head Rest provides support without immobilizing the head and neck and encourages a neutral posture. So ... Don't let driving be a pain in the neck!

Add On HeadRest

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