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Add On Headrest Frequently Asked Questions
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HeadRest For Whiplash Protection
Is the Add On Headrest only for people with back or neck problems?

No. Everyone can benefit from added comfort and safety. Reducing tension and fatigue also helps you stay more alert.

How does it attach to my car seat?

The Add On Headrest has an adjustable elastic strap. It is designed to fit both adjustable type Head restraints and high back seats. The strap easily slips around either the factory Head restraint or high back seat.

Add On Head Rest

Does my vehicle have a Head restraint?

All cars since 1969 have a factory Head restraint. There are two types. Adjustable Head restraints can be moved up or down and are found on 80 percent of all cars. Integral Head restraints are built into the seat and we usually refer to them as a bucket seat or high back seat. All light trucks and vans since September 1991 have factory Head restraints.

Will it work on a bench seat or a seat without any type of Head restraint?

The Add On Headrest works with and improves vehicles with a factory Head restraint. It can not be attached to a vehicle without either an adjustable Head restraint or high back seat.

How does the Add On Headrest prevent whiplash?

The Add On Headrest may not prevent injury altogether but it will provide added protection. Filling the gap, the energy absorbing cushion limits the head's backward and subsequent forward motion and reduces the force or acceleration that your head travels during the event.

Whiplash studies have determined that reducing the speed or acceleration that your head travels during the whiplash event reduces the severity and duration of the resulting injury.

Is it right for my car?

The Add On Headrest fits most cars. When seated in a typical car seat there's a gap between your head and the Head restraint. The Add On Headrest fills that gap. Unless you own a car like a Volvo or Mercedes that has a well designed Head restraint, the Add On Headrest will fit great. Less than 3% of cars or vans have ‘good’ Head restraints.

According to the IIHS, more than half of all 1997 passenger vehicles have poor restraints. Fewer than 3% have Head restraint designs with good geometry.

Add On HeadRest

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