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The Add On Headrest is recommended by medical professionals
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HeadRest For Whiplash Protection

The Add On HeadRest has earned recommendations and endorsements by prominent medical professionals and experts in whiplash injury.

Dr. Arthur C. Croft, DC, MS, FACO
Dr. Croft has been involved in whiplash issues for many years and is notably one of the country's leading authorities.

"I found that the Add On HeadRest fit my Ford Van (full size) quite well. The decrease in backset should offer additional protection. Thanks."

Dr. Daniel J. Murphy D.C., Auburn, CA
One of the country's prominent chiropractic physicians and expert authority of spinal trauma and whiplash injury.

"I have been studying spinal trauma as a consequence of a whiplash injury for more than 20 years. Whiplash studies have repeatedly shown that an effective head restraint will reduce hypertension motion and its associated injury, as well as dampening the resulting rebound hyper flexion and its associated injury. Whiplash studies have also repeatedly shown that the large majority of head restraints in current automobile models are not effective in preventing injury. A major reason for this is that the head restraint is too far back behind the head, allowing injury to occur before the passive head restraint is contacted.

Your product, the Add On HeadRest, appears to be a significant improvement over factory head restraints in the effort to reduce the injuries associated with the “whiplash” event. Consequently, I have been recommending your product for my patients and at my seminars."

Dr. Michael D. Freeman Ph.D., D.C., M.P.H. Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Dr. Freeman is a Forensic Trauma Epidemiologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has published widely in the field of whiplash injuries, and is currently investigating the effects of whiplash injuries and means of reducing injury in several European countries, as well as in the United States.

"The concept of the Add On HeadRest addresses one of the most significant injury control factors in automobile design today; the geometry of the head restraint-seat complex, and how it relates to the occupant. Research is continually being published that shows the importance of head restraint backset (the distance from the back of the head to the head restraint) as a direct link to injury risk; the greater the backset, the more likely that neck injury will occur.

The Add On HeadRest successfully remedies the problem of too much backset, and thus will undoubtedly protect its user against cervical spine injury following rear impact collision, the most collision type in which injury occurs. I congratulate you on designing a product that will result in a significant improvement in public safety.

Best of luck with your excellent and well thought out product."

Dr. Thomas B. Skraitz D.C., New York, NY
Chiropractic physician specializing in the treatment of soft tissue injuries related to motor vehicle accidents.

"The Add On HeadRest is an ergonomically designed foam cushion that can be placed over an existing head restraint to make it more functionally efficient; a simple cost effective device that can reduce the forces generated in a rear impact collision. The Add On HeadRest provides the added benefit in that it allows the driver to assume a more neutral posture. That will take the load off the postural muscles and decrease their fatigue and increase their driving comfort."

Dr. Gary R. Schafer, M.D., Forest City, NC
A senior associate at Rutherford Medical Associates, P.A.

"It is a pleasure for me to recommend your company and the Add On HeadRest. I use it in my own car and find it to be a very comfortable addition to the support provided by the seat. Certainly more comfortable than the original head restraint. It provides a substantial increase in the support to my head and neck making long distance driving especially more comfortable.

As a physician I am increasingly aware of the importance of spine support and the problems that can be associated with the deficiency of many seat products. This headrest appears to remedy the problem of inadequate support and not just in association with whiplash injuries."

Rusty Haight, Auburn, CA
Senior staff Instructor for Texas Engineering Extension Service, Texas A+M University. An accident reconstruction specialist, Rusty is a crash test volunteer and has performed more than 360 crash tests.

"In terms of going backwards, that's more benign than a lot of them that I've done. You don't want to do this flexion - extension business as bad and the Add On HeadRest did prevent me. It prevented me from going back further. It's a good idea. What I liked most is that when I went back into the seat there was less of a neck rotation, head rotation backwards, significantly less."

Add On HeadRest

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