Return Policy

Please understand that the AddOn Headrest is considered a personal item meaning that they cannot be re-sold for health reasons.

Federal & State Health Regulations forbid us from taking back opened and/or used personal items. Personal items come in contact with the skin and hair. This no return policy on personal items prevents us from knowingly or unknowingly reselling a headrest that may be unsanitary. We are confident that our customers would feel better knowing that we protect them by not allowing a non-defective headrest to be returned, and therefore they are assured of buying a new and not a repackaged used product from us. This is your guarantee of a fresh, new AddOnHeadrest that may be used in comfort and safety.

Any defective product(s) will be promptly exchanged. Exchanges will only be made in the unlikely event of defective goods or our shipping error. If you have an item with a defect, please contact our customer service department to get instructions on getting your item exchanged.

Any products that are deemed to be returnable are at our discretion, require authorization prior to return and will be charged a 15% processing fee. Unauthorized returns will be charged a 30% processing fee. Please contact AddOnHeadrest.