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HeadRest For Whiplash Protection

Please write to us about your experiences. If you're not completely satisfied with our Add On HeadRest, please tell us. If you are, please tell your friends.

Neil Miller, Charlotte, NC Pharmaceutical Sales Executive
"I've used your Add On HeadRest for over a year now and it has made my weekly sales trips a lot more comfortable. That's why I got it and it's been great.

However, I'm writing to say thank you for a different reason. Three weeks ago I got smashed from behind. I don't know how fast the guy was going - a hit and run. It was quite a crunch - over $4,000.00 damage to the back end of my Ford Taurus.

My whole body slammed back and I felt my head go back into the headrest. But my head didn't seem to move that much. When the officer asked me if I was injured I realized that injury wasn't even an issue. I showed him the Add On HeadRest and told him how great it was.

Well, I'm telling everyone now. And I want to thank you for putting such a great product on the market. Thanks for saving my neck!"

Linda Hunter, Livingston, TX Police Officer
"I have used your Add On HeadRest during my 12 hour shift patrolling and it has provided me with so much relief from my stiff neck and neck pain. I have also noticed relief in shoulder pain since using the headrest.

The relief that it provides along with the safety factor makes this a highly recommended product by me. I would like to commend the person responsible for the development of the product. Thank you.

Shari Morrison, Charlotte, NC Image Consultant
"I use the Wedge at work and the Add On HeadRest in my car. My neck hasn't felt this good in years. It feels absolutely wonderful ... huge, huge difference"

Tony Kingston, U.K.
"I have suffered from AS for 26 years now and the disease has been active in my neck for a long time, leaving me with movement in only the first two vertebrae.

I have problems when driving, getting in and out of the car, turning the neck sufficiently in order to see properly at junctions, and pain and tension increases as the journey time increases.

I have used the Add On HeadRest for six weeks now and it has really improved my driving experience. Surprisingly, it supports my head when I swivel to get in or out of the car. It relieves tension on long trips and provides the extra safety of protecting my neck in the event of an accident."

Ronald Gantt, Shelby, NC Retired Insurance Agent
"We were not comfortable with the car seat in our new van until we used the Add On HeadRests ... I want you to know how much we enjoy them"

Rosemarie Bowers, Canton, OH Home Maker
"I use to have trouble traveling with neck problems. Your product, the Add On HeadRest, really does help my neck pain and makes driving so much better."

Add On HeadRest

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